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The Chimes Greenhills have proven time and time again that they have some of the best units that are currently on offer. Theirs is a list of units that revolve around the atmosphere that a unit is supposed to make its owner feel. It is their homey atmosphere that builds their units up to such great heights.

Of course, the atmosphere isn’t the only thing that a potential homeowner can expect from one of their units. The Chimes Greenhills’ condo units were also built with the two core qualities in mind: space and style.

Regardless of your lifestyle, you’ll find that The Chimes Greenhills has a wide selection of units for each of their residents. Looking to raise a family in the city? No problem! Are you trying to build a unit to fit a more modern aesthetic? Go ahead! In The Chimes Greenhills, every concept of what a home should be will always come to fruition.


  • Main Lobby
  • Life Fitness Gym
  • Play Pod
  • Game Station
  • Private Theater
  • Leisure Pool
  • Kiddie Pool
  • Sky Lounge
  • Sky Garden