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First impressions matter and at The Trion Towers, the impact is nothing short of awe. The design of Tower 2’s grand lobby in particular celebrates the residential development’s modern and youthful spirit. To achieve this, contemporary yet approachable features that connote dynamism and movement were employed. Light-colored marble walls and floors highlight the spaciousness of the lobby with its nine-meter floor-to-ceiling height. Darker walnut hues were infused, creating a vibrant floor pattern and providing a sense of warmth.

Consistent with the theme is an edgy sofa and reproduction mid-century accents armchairs. Organic accents such as plants, earthen plants and live-edged wooden console add texture and interest. Drop lights were “hung close to the walls to act as sculptural, rhythmic artwork for the light walls,” explains head interior designer Joy Adriano of Arkispecs.

The lobby also serves as hub and entry point for the themed amenities located in Tower 2. Its sleek-hip look gives a peek of the fun, relaxing and rejuvenating experiences in store for residents at the Entertainment Domain.

The children’s play area was designed for exploration, where one’s imagination can run riot. The game room was conceptualized with the older children in mind, perfect for relaxing and chilling out.

The cyberhub offers free WiFi in a very relaxed and cool environment. Here, residents can chill and surf the Internet any way they want – plopped on the sofa or swivel armchairs, seated on the built-in banquettes or by using the provided computer tables.

The function room or party area also looks very contemporary with a touch of elegance with its modern chandeliers and graphic patterned drapery. It is very ideal for holding different types of occasions.  Apart from these fun amenities, the Entertainment Domain houses — high- definition screening room, a music room, and outdoor facilities such as a lap pool, hobby nook and passion garden.


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