Standing tall at 45 storeys, The Velaris Residences is a beacon of opulence. It is the pilot project of a powerhouse partnership between international property leader Hongkong Land and local real estate giant Robinsons Land.

Exuding luxury in every room, masterfully designed units and a treasure trove of amenities await illustrious residents. Exclusive lift lobbies used to be the domain of penthouse owners, but at The Velaris Residences, private lift lobbies offer ultimate exclusivity for all two-bedroom, three-bedroom, and penthouse units. Smart home features also promise future-ready convenience for all residents.

Situated at one of Metro Manila’s most coveted locations, The Velaris Residences is a veritable residential masterpiece at the center of Bridgetowne, an emerging destination estate along the C5 corridor, straddling the progressive cities of Pasig and Quezon City.


There is a two-way test of true elegance: Is it felt and is it effortless? For those who are winning at the game of life and know what it is like to have and enjoy excellence at every turn, true elegance feels like home. And in the home, true elegance makes them feel peaceful and sincerely at ease – ideals that The Velaris Residences Residences holds up like a torch.


For those who have emerged victorious from life’s challenges, the successful few whose experience and expertise have given them a certain discernment, only the masterful will do. Whatever they see, hear, taste, touch, and possess must be in the realm of excellence and beyond. Their expectations are set high – in the careful curation of what they choose to experience, in their intention and confidence to accept only the outstanding – and they inspire us to do the same. They show a path to exceptional living for many to follow: operate at your best and expect nothing but the extraordinary.

And for them comes an unrivaled destination residence – The Velaris Residences by RHK Land Corporation, a joint venture of local real estate expert Robinsons Land Corporation (RLC) and international property development leader Hongkong Land Group (HKL). Along the C5 corridor and near the private estates of Valle Verde, Wack Wack, and Corinthian Gardens, the 45-storey testament to human progress and inspiration rises. From its unique façade to every careful choice of fixture and fitting, it is built to serve as a beacon of opulence, meant to represent the very best of us and the best in us. With access points through C5 Road, Ortigas Avenue, and Amang Rodriguez Avenue, it is at the center of Metro Manila and, for those who do not compromise on location, never too far from any section of the city. The Velaris Residences is an incomparable investment for those who steward success.



No other part of The Velaris Residences fulfills its promise of luxury better than its units. Your living space, your infinite victory: you decide how energy flows through your domain. The best arrangement is what makes you feel at home.



The Velaris Residences emerges in Philippine real estate as the pilot project of RHK Land Corporation, a joint venture of local real estate expert Robinsons Land Corporation and international property development leader Hongkong Land. A noteworthy collaboration, The Velaris Residences melds local expertise and international award-winning design to become a true masterpiece. It is the first in a decidedly sustained showcase of the two companies’ shared vision and experience.

Hongkong Land is a listed leading property investment, management and development group. Founded in 1889, Hongkong Land’s business is built on excellence, integrity and partnership.

The Group owns and manages more than 850,000 sq. m. of prime office and luxury retail property in key Asian cities, principally in Hong Kong, Singapore and Beijing. Hongkong Land’s properties attract the world’s foremost companies and luxury brands.

Its Hong Kong Central portfolio represents some 450,000 sq. m. of prestigious office space in Singapore mainly held through joint ventures, a luxury retail centre at Wangfujing in Beijing, and a 50% interest in a leading office comple00x in Central Jakarta. The Group also has a number of high quality residential, commercial and mixed-use projects under development in cities across Greater China and Southeast Asia. In Singapore, its subsidiary, MCL Land is a well-established residential developer.

Hongkong Land Holdings Limited is incorporated in Bermuda and has a standard listing on the London Stock Exchange, with secondary listings in Bermuda and Singapore. The Group’s assets and investments are managed from Hong Kong by Hongkong Land Limited. Hongkong Land is a member of the Jardine Matheson Group.


Robinsons Land Corporation (RLC) is one of the leading real estate companies in the Philippines and a member of one of the country’s largest conglomerates—JG Summit Holdings, Inc. RLC has a widespread portfolio that includes office buildings, full-service shopping malls, and varied class hotels across the Philippines.

As a major player in the industry, RLC is known as a reputable developer of mixed-use properties, residential condominiums and housing developments in key cities and urban areas nationwide.

With close to three decades of experience in property development, RLC has grown into an industry leader that builds innovative and exceptional lifestyle spaces.

Apart from consistently being named as one of the Top Ten Developers by BCI Asia Awards, RLC projects are highly regarded by international and local property award-giving bodies such as Asia Pacific Property Awards, Property Guru Philippine Property Awards, and DOT Property Awards, to name a few. A legacy that the company worked hard for in order to establish a brand that is strongly associated with good value and high quality investments that buyers, employees, business partners, and shareholders can be proud of.





The Velaris Residences stands proud in the heart of Bridgetowne, a sprawling estate master-planned by winners for winners.

A development by Robinsons Land Corporation, Bridgetowne is envisioned to become a vibrant destination estate along the C5 corridor. An expertly master-planned district, Bridgetowne is 31 hectares of urban prosperity that spans two of the Philippines’ most progressive cities: Pasig City and Quezon City.

The Velaris Residences could not have risen anywhere else. Bridgetowne is a destination estate, a hub that brings together the best of two great cities. Linked to both cities through C5 and Ortigas Avenue, Bridgetowne also offers easy access to the established business districts of Ortigas Center and Bonifacio Global City.

Bridgetowne’s accessibility is a key feature sought by city-dwellers whose cosmopolitan lifestyle requires them to leap from town to town. Its expanse accommodates a constellation of office buildings, commercial centers, residential towers, hotels, schools, and medical institutions, making the district a win for mixed-use urban planning.

The ideal of bridging people to success is embodied in a 200-meter long bridge at its core. A triumph of contemporary Philippine design, it bridges state-of-the-art construction tech to indigenous ingenuity. Designed by Mañosa & Company, it is located at the heart of the township, aloft the historic Marikina River.

Because every minute spent in Bridgetowne is a minute spent in triumph, the statue of a victor stands proud right next to the bridge—a 60-meter testament to victory. Just by looking up at the sculpture, one is rapt in the potential of future success.


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